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Welcome to Genoa Skin, where we believe that traditional Chinese medicine can help you achieve beautiful, healthy skin.

At Genoa Skin, we specialize in providing natural, holistic skincare solutions that are inspired by ancient Chinese beauty secrets. Our focus is on helping you achieve radiant, glowing skin that reflects your inner vitality and health.

Our Mission

At Genoa Skin, we believe that beauty is about more than just the way you look. It's about taking care of yourself, inside and out, and nurturing your body and mind with the best possible ingredients and practices. That's why we are committed to using only the finest natural materials in our products, and to providing education and resources that can help you take better care of yourself and your skin.

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The Stone Guide

Genoa Skin sources the raw crystals for our Gua Sha tools from Brazil, a country known for its abundant and diverse mineral deposits. We take pride in using 100% natural crystals in all of our Gua Sha tools. Our production process involves carefully cutting and shaping the raw crystals into the desired shape, then polishing and finishing them by hand to create a smooth surface. This ensures that each tool is not only beautiful, but also effective and safe for use on the skin.


The stone of balance, gentleness, harmony and balance.

Rose Quartz

The stone of healing, love and friendship.

Black Obsidian

The stone of protection. Helps to ward off darker energies and provide spiritual protection.

Clear Quartz

The stone of manifestations, focus and clarity.


The stone of tranquillise. Helps with relieving stress and strain, soothes irritability, fear and anxiety.


The stone that contains the spirit of youth. Has a calming and gentle effect.

Tiger Eye

The stone of grounding. Combines earth energy with sun energy to create an intense protection.

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